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Hentai Fantasy: Movie Night

.Disclaimer: This fic was not written by me. It is the property of fairystrife-x

He sat and stared at the small box displaying the boring news in his small apartment. He wasn’t really paying too much attention to it anymore, as it was uninteresting. Things for him lately had been weird…to say the least.

He had found himself spending much more time than intended with the petite, raven-haired ninja. Not that it was his choice or anything. She just kept tending to appear at the utmost random times of the day and would refuse to leave. He didn’t really mind the company, but it was…different. He wasn’t used to it.

He picked up his glass of wine and sipped it slowly. He picked up the remote and blankly channel surfed a little more. He stopped when he found some show on celebrity gossip.

“In recent news, Cloud Strife had been seen hanging around closer to fellow teammate Yuffie of Wutai. Our sources told us that the two have been secretly seeing each other since the defeat of Sephiroth almost five years ago.”

Vincent felt a growl building up in his chest. Cloud and Yuffie? How could they not know that Cloud and Tifa were attached? And recently more than ever.

“And other sources have told us that due to Shinra’s experiments, Vincent Valentine really might be a vampire.” Vincent turned up the volume and sank his head to rest of his knees. “A close friend of his has told us, ‘Course he’s a fuckin’ vampire! Have you seen the man? He slept it a God damned coffin for years!'”

Cid. That bastard would say something like this. Vincent just growled and turned off the TV.

“Well, Cloud is pretty cut Continue reading

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