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Final Fantasy 13 Hentai Story: "Final Fantasy: First Year of The Crystal Caravan"

Chapter 1 – Joining The Caravan

Sala Joyrah squeaked as the cold water splashed down her bare back. She was standing in the river along side her parents’ house. She was washing up before their Caravan Ceremony in the center of the village.

Sala was a half Selkie half Clavat girl who was the newest addition to Tipa’s Caravan. There were three others in the Caravan, one of them being Flora, her full-Clavat sister. Their mother Ezra was a Clavat and a bisexual who had her two daughters through one night stands with different men, both Clavats and Selkies. There was no telling who their fathers could be, maybe men from Tipa, maybe men met while Ezra was a Caravaner.

Ezra had long since settled down as a fisherman, met a nice Selkie girl and gotten married. They were currently the only lesbian marriage in the village, but Tipa was a very open village and it didn’t bother anybody that Ezra had married Momo Soyo, a gorgeous Selkie with the usual traits of Selkies: long blue hair, a large bust and a love for love. A love which Ezra only too happily filled.

On the other hand, Sala, being half-blood, had inherited her mom’s long crimson hair and light Clavat demeanor. She had also gotten her Selkie father’s physical genes, giving her the Selkie’s wonderful physique and characteristically large bust.

There was a noise behind her and Sala jumped, flipping around. She wasn’t shy by any means, but the village did frown on the Selkie’s love of nudity and naturalism.

“Relax sis, it’s only me.” Flora said, walking down the bank. She was wearing a basic Clavat out Continue reading

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